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Why APA Boiler?

The boiler is a highly insulated hot water tank. The boiler uses the water that the heating means heat for the panel radiators. The water in the boiler heats up, by this the boiler saves energy. Thus the boiler can be considered self-heating.

The names of the boilers are as the following; thermo boilers, single serpentine boilers, double serpentine boilers, heat pump boilers, electric boilers, house boilers ( combi boilers ), full enamelled boilers, solar energy boilers and natural gas boilers.

In addition to saving, the most important feature of the boiler is the hot water capacity, which allows you to set the water temperature very comfortably when you shower.

It prevents waste of water and time. You can enjoy baths in your house with the boilers used in the baths.

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Boiler Products

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  • Three year guarantee.
  • ABS caps are used in Apa boiler products.
  • Ultraviolet rays resistant
  • Break resistant
  • Made of long-lasting and aesthetic plastic.

Wire And Fence Products

Artificial grass chain link fence applications; As it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it is widely used for coffee shops, restaurant entrances, parks and road sides. Instead of ordinary fence appearance, many business and venue owners prefer to use artificial grass chain link fence decor application to host their customers in a more aesthetic environment.

Panel Fence; Our company gives importance to assembly quality as well as manufacturing quality, new special designs are made for the sake easiness and robustness of the product assembly.

Panel fence systems are generally used in many areas such as; factories, villas, housing communities, airports, military areas, parks and gardens.

Chicken Wire; as chicken wire, these products which are used in the form of hexagonal knitting show strength due to their physical properties compared to their equivalents.

A special mixture of galvanized and pvc coat  is used.

Although they vary in mesh size and wire thickness but still the major issue is not the weight or shape of the fence but the strength.

The most economical and robust fence products in the world are the hexagonal ones.

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